Name, Surname: Renat Gafurov

Birth place and date: 8.October 1982, Oktyabrsky, Russia

First time in speedway: Oktyabrsky, 1997

First tournament: Togliatti, 1998

Height: 1.80m, Weight: 65kg

Challenge: Russian Team Champion, 1999

Russian Junior Champion, 2001

Russian Team Junior Champion, 2003

Favourite rider: every rider has something special

What do you like in your rivals: quality racing

Best performance: I donít like to divide my races in good or bad ones. Each event had something interesting.

The aim in speedway: to achieve as more as possible

Hobbys: racing on car, motorbike, bike

Favourite food: Russian borch

Favourite drink: Russian kwas

Favourite music: it depends on my mood